High quality commercial window and door products are the result of years of refinement and innovation. Our design team is based in the UK at our head offices in Tewkesbury. From their dedicated design and development facility they are able to refine existing products and bring new products to market very quickly where a need is identified.

Our Joedan aluminium products are designed and tested in-house. We design new profiles using CAD software then produce our own tooling for use in the extrusion process. Aluminium profiles are extruded by our partners in Portugal, and shipped back to the UK where we powder coat to the requirements of each contract.

3D printing has become a regular feature of our design and refinement processes. 3D printing allows us to print new parts and ideas for testing very quickly and inexpensively. We can make 3D test parts in a matter of hours, rather than going through the expensive and laborious process of cutting dies and waiting weeks for new profiles to arrive for testing.