About us

Wessex Commercial Division & the Joedan Group

History and background

Wessex Commercial Division is one of four distinct subsidiaries of the Joedan Group. Established in 1984, Joedan Manufacturing has been a leading light in the UK window and door industry for over three decades. With the acquisition of Wessex Window Systems in 2008, Joedan inherited a thriving and successful commercial window and door department. The commercial department has grown exponentially since the takeover and now has offices in four locations, covering most of Southern England and The Midlands.

Joedan Group head offices are in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Covering some 60,000 square feet, the Tewkesbury site encompasses the group’s manufacturing facility, administration offices and retail showrooms. A second site in Tewkesbury has recently been acquired, specifically to house the burgeoning installations department in its entirety. In addition, we have offices and factory facilities in Hampshire, Gloucestershire, The West Midlands and our fourth site in Kent is ideally located to service London and the South East. Joedan Group employs over 150 staff across all four locations, a number increasing on a monthly basis as we continue to invest and grow.

We are also a major supplier in the aluminium fenestration industry. We have our own suite of aluminium windows and doors for both private and commercial customers. Our own in-house design department constantly refines our own window and door systems, and produces brand new products to keep ahead of legislation change, building regulations and technology advancements. We invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in state-of-the-art fabrication machinery, designed specifically for our own systems.

Schools & educational buildings

We became acutely aware of a growing need for the refurbishment of many older educational buildings such as schools, colleges and universities. During the 1960’s and 1970’s changes in education law forced many institutions to commission the urgent erection of temporary buildings, in order to house the sudden increase in pupil and staff numbers. These buildings far surpassed their original lifespan, and even today there are many temporary buildings still in use having had little or no refurbishment work carried out for over 50 years. Wessex Commercial Division has vast experience in the renovation and refurbishment of ROSLA buildings and the replacement of SCOLA facades.

Recently the problems of asbestos in school buildings has been highlighted by the government, and considerable funding has been set aside to help eradicate asbestos based materials from old educational buildings. We are experts in the refurbishment of these kinds of buildings, and vastly experienced in the removal of asbestos.

Private retail installations

We have three individual retail divisions supplying and installing windows, doors and conservatories to the public. Our retail showrooms are in Orpington, Winchester and Tewkesbury. The Joedan Group is widely acknowledged as one of the most trusted and highly regarded businesses in the retail window and door market. We have been installing the highest quality products into people’s homes since the 1970’s.

As great advocates of the use of aluminium, we supply and fit our own thermal aluminium windows and doors across the country. Our retail ranges offer unsurpassed choice, design and quality for UK buyers. Our reputation in both commercial and retail markets is second to none.


To find out more about our group of companies simply visit www.joedangroup.co.uk